(Pre-loved items only)

Payment: must be completed at the time of the booking via our website.

Cancellation of table booking: Table bookings cancelled before the event will not be refunded.

Non-attendance: In the event that a Seller fails to attend the market they paid for, no refunds
will be given. We would appreciate if you could inform us prior to the event.

Market cancellation: Should Happy Mums Market (HMM) have to cancel an event due to reasons of emergency, danger, weather conditions, disasters, health and safety, health concerns, or other reasons that are not within
reasonable control of the organisers (as judged by HMM), then Sellers will not receive a
refund of their table hire paid however HMM may consider a transfer to another market, pending
availability and circumstances.

Second-hand Sellers can sell: Any good quality second-hand items relating to pregnancy, maternity, babies, toddlers, and children up to the age of approximately 6 years old.

Second-hand Sellers cannot sell: Items unrelated to maternity, babies or young children, or items which
are deemed to be broken, in poor condition, dangerous, in breech of Health & Safety legislation or
trading standards advice. We also do not allow any form of baby food or baby milk to be sold at any
markets. HMM organisers reserve the right to request that items are removed from sale if it is felt
they do not adhere to our guidelines and standards.

Health and Safety: HMM are committed to providing, maintaining and promoting so far as is
reasonably practicable, the highest standards of Health & Safety our events. Under Health & Safety
legislation, Sellers are responsible for all activities that take place on their table throughout the
event, and any actions that could affect others as a result of their activity. Sellers who do not
adhere to these guidelines may be asked to leave the event.

Damage and theft: HMM accept no liability for the theft, loss or damage of any items from Sellers, of personal items, or any other items within the boundaries of the event. All persons who enter the market area do so at their own risk.

Security: Sellers are responsible for their own security and monies.

Liability: The Seller agrees to indemnify HMM against all claims for damages or injury to the
property or person of any persons in respect of any claim by any such person arising out of negligence on the part of the Seller or his servants.

Transactions: HMM organisers accept no responsibility for any transaction entered into in the market

Disagreements: HMM organisers reserve the right to decide or arbitrate any dispute arising out of,
or in the course of the conduct of the market.

Illegal Activity: HMM organisers shall not be held responsible for the noncompliance by a Seller with any Law, By-law, Regulation, Act or Statute.

Trading Standards: All Sellers are responsible for following Trading Standards UK Legislation and Guidelines, full details can be found on their website – http://www.tradingstandards.gov.uk

Respecting the Venue: Sellers must not cause any damage, or make any changes to the venues in which HMM are held. Do not hang, stick, tape, glue, nail, screw or in any other way affix items to any wall, door, floor, curtain or any other part of the building.

Rubbish: It is the Seller’s responsibility to take unsold items with them. Please take all rubbish with you and leave your table area the way you found it. HMM reserve the right to dispose of any items left behind following an event and charge a fee for doing so.

Promotional materials: Promotional materials available at stalls may only relate to the pre-loved
items on sale at that table. Second-hand Sellers are at no time permitted to promote any commercial products or services at their table.
Second-hand Sellers are at no time permitted to distribute advertising or promotional material (i.e. walking
around the venue and handing out flyers, putting flyers on cars etc).
A breach of this condition will result in the Seller being requested to leave the venue immediately and
a possible £100 fine.

Mumpreneurs & Traders: New or hand crafted items relating to maternity, babies, toddlers, and
children up to the age of 6 years, services related to maternity and young families. HMM organisers
reserve the right to decide whether a business or craft stall is suitable for attendance.